Member Benefits


Our membership model of care enables deep relationships, personalized care, and movement towards prevention and overall health and wellness through comprehensive, attentive healthcare and time.

Access Availability & Time

As a member of AIM, you will have the ability to reach Jeremy directly by cell phone (910-632-0911) after office hours and on weekends. This gives our members peace of mind knowing they can reach Jeremy when they need him. An example of this would be calling Jeremy for an acute ailment or other matter of concern. This could be the difference between an unnecessary visit to the emergency department versus waiting for an appointment with him the following day. Furthermore, patients and family members can be reassured that Jeremy knows not only his patients’ medical histories, but also all of their surrounding issues that could be contributing to their current situation. Research that has been done on concierge medicine practices has shown a reduction in hospitalizations and emergency room visits. You may also reach Jeremy directly through the Patient Portal during office hours. If you contact through the portal after hours you should expect a response by the following business day.

As a member you will have access to our TeleHealth Services. This is available for patients who can not get in during normal business hours and have urgent concerns. This can also be used for patients who are traveling.

Because of a smaller patient volume, Jeremy will have extra time to better prepare for your appointments and confer with your specialists, family members, and out of town physicians as needed. Additionally, Jeremy will have more time to stay up-to-date with current research on medical issues affecting his members, as well as learn about alternative approaches to traditional medicine that benefit his members’ health and wellness.

Access Appointments & Labs

All new AIM members will have a 60-minute initial appointment with Jeremy. During this time, you can get acquainted or reacquainted, review your medical records and past medical history, and discuss your current health issues and concerns. You will review treatment plans, medications, and any weight and fitness goals you have, and your follow-up plan. In addition, if indicated, Jeremy will discuss nutritional, physical fitness, and / or mental health evaluations with you. Should you want or need a nutritional or physical fitness screen, we have a nutritionist who will work with you.

If you have any health concerns or chronic medical conditions that require ongoing management, Jeremy will schedule you to see him for regular follow-up appointments. These follow-up visits, scheduled for 30 minutes or more, create an environment for progress and improvement. The frequency of follow-up appointments will depend upon your condition, whether you are improving, stabilizing / maintaining, or worsening, and any new conditions or concerns.

If and when you you need blood work, we offer onsite blood draws. Your results with be available in your patient portal, and Jeremy will contact you to discuss your results and any required next steps or actions with you.

Access Acute Care
At AIM, we understand the importance of seeing your provider in a timely manner when you are sick or not feeling well. Our flexible schedule allows for more same-day or next-day appointments, as well as ample time to understand your condition, determine the nature of your illness, and get you back to health again.
Access Home Health & Hospital Care

If you are physically unable to make it to the office to see Jeremy he will make arrangements to come to you in your home. This includes appointments to nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

We understand that being hospitalized can be a daunting and stressful experience, so we take every measure to keep our members out if possible. To ease some of the burden and make your treatment more effective, efficient, and seamless, as a member of AIM, we will help coordinate your hospital care.  Jeremy will visit you if you are admitted to the hospital and help coordinate your care among your specialists.  Beth, our dedicated patient advocate, will help you with anything that you need during your stay and will always be in your corner. We will make sure that all of your followup instructions and care are clear to you and arranged for after you are discharged.

  • Same Day, Next Day Appointments
  • 24/7 Cell Phone Access
  • Coordination with Fitness and Nutrition Provider
  • Wellness Events
  • Weight Loss and Counseling
  • Video Conferencing
  • House Calls When It Is Medically Necessary
  • Prescription Facilitation
  • Referral Coordination with Specialists on Your Behalf
  • Travel Medical Services
  • Appointments with Minimal Wait and Are Unhurried
  • Letters and Paperwork (Forms) at No Cost
  • No Cost Patient Portal Access
  • Hospital Coordination
  • One Dependent Child Ages 16 To 25 Is Included with One Adult Family Member
  • Visiting Family and Friends (Over the Age Of 16) Will Be Seen as A Courtesy with Valid Insurance

Most Importantly, A Medical Champion
Who Will Protect Your Well-Being, Lifestyle, and Privacy.