Frequently Asked Questions

Is the program limited to a certain number of patients?

Yes. Your physician will be limiting the size of the practice to a few hundred members per provider. Physicians in standard practices see approximately 20-30 patients per day, but a personalized care physician sees only 8-10 patients per day. This is important so that the provider can set aside time to accommodate urgent/last minute appointments and spend more time with each patient per visit.

How does my insurance work with a personalized practice?

Most health insurance plans are compatible with your membership in a personalized practice. Your membership fee is for a wellness plan and those procedures not covered by insurance. Some of the value-added benefits include:

  • Same day or next day appointments that not only start on time but provide enough time for your health care provider to address all your health needs.
  • An annual comprehensive physical designed to detect the most common health issues.
  • A physician guided wellness plan followed by your healthcare provider.
  • Expedited specialist appointments and close contact between your provider and the specialist.
  • 24/7 access to your healthcare provider through cell phone or digital pager.
  • A family plan the includes your dependent children from ages 10-26 for no charge, with membership of one parent.
Will my provider still accept insurance? Medicare?

Yes. Although your membership is not an insurance plan, it is, however, compatible with most insurance plans. Your provider will also continue to accept Medicare. Your membership will cover the procedures that are not covered by Medicare, in addition to the value-added services.

Do I still have to pay my co-pay or any other incurred charges outside of insurance?

Yes. Your membership is not an insurance plan, but a “value-added-service” fee and so you must still pay your co-pay for normal “sick” visits that are covered by your insurance.

What happens if I am hospitalized?

Your physician will work together with the hospital staff and sub-specialists to oversee your health and condition during your hospitalization.

What happens if the practice reaches the maximum number of members?

Once the practice reaches a maximum number of members, the provider will establish a “waiting list” for those who wish to join when an opening becomes available.

What if something happens to my physician or I have to move to another location. Is there a refund?

In the event a member moves out of the region prior to the annual term, member will receive a pro-rated refund of the membership fee. If the primary provider is unable to work, a team member will provide ongoing care until the primary provider returns.

What if I have relatives or friends who are visiting from out of town who may need medical attention. Will they have access to my provider?

Yes, as a courtesy to the members, the practice will accept appointments for your out of town visitors.