We are excited to announce the new structure of our practice!!

Personalized Healthcare in Wilmington, NC



Personalized Care Is Extraordinary Care



Access Internal Medicine patients receive an extraordinary level of personalized, direct care, and direct contact with their provider.


Personalized Care Is Extraordinary Care!

Discover a level of wellness and health care you never thought possible!

AIM is a personalized, comprehensive, healthcare experience. We practice medicine the old-fashion way, giving you time with your provider and personal relationships to ensure your individual health and wellness needs are met.

We Work For YOU

Not for an employer, insurer, or other large corporation. We dedicate our attention to a smaller number of patients so we can take the time to get to know youyour historyyour story. We believe that truly understanding our patients makes us more effective providers.

Medical Help At Your Fingertips

If you’d like a personal medical provider who can offer you the attention you need and the time you deserve, and help you wade through the challenges of the health care system, consider Access Internal Medicine, PC— Jeremy S. Pepper, PA-C.

Exceptional? Yes. Exclusive? No.

Our annual fee is comparable to the costs of eating fast food lunch five days a week, cell phone service, a country club membership, an annual ski pass, or a cleaning service. The difference between luxury and necessity is often a matter of priority.

Why Access Internal Medicine Medicine?

A dedicated provider who knows you personally, understands your health, is available to care for you when you need it, and has time to spend with you.

Why did Jeremy S. Pepper start Access Internal Medicine?

Jeremy wanted to bring back the quintessential Provider-Patient relationship and deliver personalized medicine with a broad vision to treat the whole body.

Jeremy Pepper and his staff have literally been a lifeline, for my husband and myself, since they opened their doors. Their competence, compassion, and patience to treat not just our immediate medical needs but their abilities to look down the road and address the entire holistic approach to our health needs is a value that cannot even be expressed in words. My husband’s health has been grave several times over the years and Jeremy has been there to guide us through every moment.

He is an amazing advocate for not only his medical needs but always takes time to address my needs as my husband’s caretaker. Jeremy saw down the road to my own health concerns and put me on a multi-faceted path to better health. They are family now.

Anthony & Linda Vaughn

 I have nothing but the ultimate trust in Jeremy Pepper.  We started with him about 18 years ago , when he was with another practice. He was just starting out down here… and we knew he had a gift! Very happy when he decided to go on his own and so very proud of him! He has always been patient and extremely thorough! And his practice just kept on growing!!! It was apparent that it was just growing to much for him, but he always maintained his professionalism.

 Then this year he made the decision to go concierge. Vinnie and I thought long and hard about the move on his part, and if we could afford it…… and thought that we couldn’t change and we had to make it work with our budget!

We are so happy we chose to stay! Jeremy is sooo worth it!

Debbi and Vinnie Conti